About Our Prints

Established in 2007, we pride ourselves on offering stunning prints which are highly sought after, many of which are simply not available anywhere else in the world..

Our prints are made using only the best archival materials currently available and will satisfy even the most discerning print lovers.

We receive constant positive feedback from customers complimenting the quality, look, feel, and vibrancy of our prints.
Venus Valentino prints are decorating the walls of cafes, restaurants, offices, and a variety of shops and private residences all over the world, and are frequently bought by interior designers and stylists.

Our Giclée prints are unlike the many others of inferior quality which are lightweight and often resemble cheaper posters.
Your Venus Valentino print will be a quality piece that will bring you pleasure for many years to come.
It's the reason why a majority of our customers return to us year after year, and refer their friends and family, and why businesses and interior designers use our prints when decorating special spaces.

Commonly Asked Questions

* What is the difference between a paper and a canvas print? Is canvas better than paper?

Our prints on Fine Art Paper and Canvas are basically of equal quality. The Fine Art Paper prints are printed on a heavyweight, slightly textured European fine art paper. The canvas is also archival quality and lightly textured/woven,and lightly sprayed with a protective 'lacquer'.

The prints we offer on photo paper are a more economical option, but the satin photographic paper we use is of professional quality and weight (290gms) and the image quality is vibrant.

The main difference is to do with the way you want to frame/display your print. If you are going to frame under glass, the most economical option is a paper print.
Customers usually choose the canvas option because they want to have their print stretched over a box frame and displayed without glass or a frame over the top - this probably gives a more contemporary look, however, some people prefer to still frame canvas under glass - which also looks great.. 

* There are other prints out there cheaper than yours...

It's true, we cannot always compete on price, but all our prints are produced here in Australia, made from high quality materials, and we do our best to keep our prices as low as possible.

Many of our Australian competitors (including most of the larger chain stores) send images offshore to be printed. Like many other Australian manufacturers, we cannot always compete with mass produced products for price, but cater instead for discerning customers who appreciate good quality and craftsmanship, and personalised service.
Simply put, the old adage is usually true.. 'you get what you pay for' !
Importantly, all our giclee canvas prints are hand coated with a protective lacquer which is vital to bring out colour richness and prolong the life of your print.

* Are your canvas prints already stretched and ready to hang?

No, our canvas prints are sold rolled and not stretched. We have found that prices for stretching canvases can vary wildly, so we advise our customers to call around a few different framers to find a good price. If you have your print stretched by a reputable framer, your print will look great for years and not start sagging after just a few months. A good framer will also use stretcher bars with rounded corners that will not bite into the edges of the canvas over time.
There is less chance your rolled canvas will be damaged or treated roughly in transit too.
We also find some customers have a change of heart after receiving their canvas and want to display it differently. Buying a rolled canvas means you have the flexibility of framing your print under glass, or having it mounted differently if you decide not to get it stretched.

Paper Prints
Our paper prints are produced using premium archival quality inks and paper.
The prints all come with a border of approx. 2 - 5 cm to allow for matting/mounting for framing if required.
They will last for many years and will maintain their vibrancy provided they are not displayed in direct sunlight for lengthy periods of time.
For best results, prints framed with archival quality materials, under glass, with a matt, will have the longest life span and protection from acidity.

Fine Art Paper Prints

These are printed on lightly textured, premium European Fine Art Paper (310gsm).

Photographic Paper Prints
We use professional quality Premium Satin Photographic Paper (290gsm).

Rolled Canvas Prints

Our Giclée canvas prints are produced using a premium cotton blend canvas and archival inks. The printed canvas is also coated with protective lacquer.

Canvas prints come with an extra band printed around the print itself along with 'markers' - fold indicators. This allows the print to be stretched in a "Gallery Wrap" style eliminating unsightly bare edges on the finished stretched product.
Alternatively, if you do prefer to frame your canvas under glass we can provide your canvas without the gallery wrap, on request.